More Than A Pitch Deck Portfolio


An online multi vendors marketplace where you can buy and sell any kind of products ranging from clothing and accessories to shoes and home decoration. 

Aigo. AI

Aigo.AI has leveraged the complex programming found in blockchain technology to produce a highly-intelligent, adaptive, and uber personal digital assistant that is smart enough to continuously adapt to the needs and goals of the user.


ClearVest makes private investments more accessible and clearly comprehensible to financial advisors and the high net worth clients they serve.

Horn & Hardart

Bringing back the Taste and Quality of the Original East Coast gourmet coffee for those that remember Horn & Hardart. And, introducing H&H to a new generation of coffee lovers online.


Communication without borders.  You don’t speak French? English? Chinese? Spanish? or whatever you want? No worries. Interim does it for you.


An online land listing portal for real estate professionals and consumers to buy and sell properties. "Sell Your Land, Land Your Dream!"


Learnskillz consolidates global learning resources


"Money as Intellectual Property" is the point of sale system connection that allows MIP customers to use their thumbprints (and PIN) to complete transactions in stores. All to reduce a wide spectrum of crimes.


Empowering architects with next-generation 3D design software


OOTify is a social enhancement platform designed for Providers to instantly connect with Millennials & i-Gen in an open marketplace to promote quality mental health.


With Petmire, you can create a very useful social community of pets to share precious moments of pets.


Handcrafted small batch wine delivered from small production winemakers.


Qwill is estate planning for the cloud generation. Create your will for free and then capture your family's details with unprecedented clarity and simplicity.


RapidPricer utilizes AI to price products to match their real-time value based on freshness, inventory levels and market conditions.


The Family Media One Stop Shop. Find, save, get, share great movies, TV, apps, books, on devices & providers you have at the best price. Spotify + Kayak for Family Media


SoloGrid is an energy technology company that seeks to provide off-grid users with life-changing amounts of low cost, clean energy.


Teraphysics offers investors an opportunity to participate in the commercialization of the (1) Terahertz (THz) frequency.


Vivoo is a wellness assistant that provides custom nutrition advice to the users based on their urine sample analysis.

Join The Incubator Today And Move One Step Closer To Getting Funded

This virtual incubator accepts startups of any vertical and helps them accelerate their path to VC funding by guiding them step-by-step through the process for building a company that is attractive to investors. It includes personalized feedback on your business and how best to present to investors, as well as a VC Database of over 400 contacts with email addresses at VC firms.


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