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More Than A Pitch Deck
The Virtual Incubator

For Startups Who Need Funding

More than 15% of global venture capital investments are made within the Silicon Valley alone.

The risk-friendly culture and startup ecosystem here draws entrepreneurs from all over looking to fund and grow their business. 

But what if you can't, or don't want, to travel to Silicon Valley to gain exposure to that culture?

Flights and hotels in the Silicon Valley can be expensive. How can you grow your business and get connected with investors or other entrepreneurs without needing to travel or leave your family, friends, and colleagues behind?

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Introducing More Than A Pitch Deck
The Virtual Incubator

A virtual incubation program that brings the Silicon Valley to you while helping you hone your value proposition, enhance your business model, and gain attention from qualified VCs.

In this program, we'll take a look at the fundamentals of your company from the perspective of creating your pitch deck, which will eventually be your most critical communication asset with investors.

Benefits of More Than A Pitch Deck

The Stakes are High

Save time and money by avoiding the trial and error of doing it alone

You don’t have to be overwhelmed any more

We’ll guide you step-by-step through our proven process so you can focus on a successful fundraising strategy

Access Our VC Database

We’ll share with you our database of over 300 VC and Angel investors to help you reach and network with valuable contacts.

Accelerate Your Startup, No Matter Where You Are

Our curriculum service is provided virtually, with no need for costly travel expenses. We also offer Showcase Events for our founders to virtually pitch to investors.  Register here to watch our most recent event.

Complete the program at your own pace, it’s always available to you and you retain access to the curriculum for life.

Keep your entire business. We’ll help you grow without requiring equity or a success fee.

Join The Incubator And Move One Step Closer To Getting Funded

Join our incubator and get instant support without giving up equity in your company or any costly travel expenses. The cost is only $697.

Advisor & Investor Network

Need more info? Here's what's inside:

Module 1: It’s MORE than a pitch deck

Discover why starting with your pitch deck is actually a mistake. Your pitch deck should be the end result of the much harder work involved in growing a business that is fundamentally sound. In this module, we'll give you an overview of where you should be focusing your energy, and how to use what you already know to optimize your chances of building a business that is investable.

Module 2: Clarify Your Problem

Most startups state the problem they solve, but almost all need help in refining that problem to truly capture the most troublesome aspects, as well as learn how to articulate it in a way that evokes emotion. In this module, we'll take a deeper at the true problem your company solves so that you can clearly state it to potential investors, hires, and business partners.

Module 3 - Align Your Vision

VCs invest into you, your team, and your vision. Without a clear vision, your business won’t work long-term. You need clearly define goals & objectives, and you need to effectively and consistently communicate them with your team members in order to achieve growth. Without a clear vision, and metrics to measure it against, you and your company will not gain any traction.

Module 4 - Create Your Roadmap

This module will help you map out the steps to achieving the goals and objectives you defined in Module 3. Again, VCs invest in your vision, so in this module we'll work together to create a detailed and thoughtful plan for the next major steps of your business and why you need them to succeed.

Module 5 - Refine The Roadmap

Every startup faces similar challenges. In this module, we’ll take a deep dive into some of the most common issues, iron out any possible bumps in your roadmap, and create an iron-clad plan for your business.

Module 6 - Polish Your Pitch Deck

Here’s where we put it all together. The work that we’ve done in the previous modules will make it easy to polish a very persuasive pitch. We’ll walk through your deck slide by slide so you know the best way to tell your story and capture the attention of any audience.

Module 7 - Secure Your Audience and Present Your Pitch

Learn the best methods for connecting with VCs and presenting your company with confidence. You've done most of the hard work, so now its time to show it off. We'll help you with that.

Module 8 - Creating a Deal that Works for Both Parties

You should know that the journey doesn't end once you receive funding. In fact, the journey becomes harder, now that you have investors to report to. In this module, find out how to create a deal that works for both parties, gain tips for dilution mitigation, and learn what to do now that you have a board to report to.

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"Working with More Than a Pitch Deck is like having a VC on your team."

Ravi Sharma
CEO & Co-Founder, Ootify

"This program is definitely about more than your pitch deck - it taught me how to present myself and my team in a way that exudes confidence and would get attention from VCs. We left the program with a stronger value proposition statement that clearly explains the problem we are trying to solve, as well as a clear vision of what needs to be included (and excluded) from our pitch deck. We also now have a good database of VCs to connect with, which is great!"

Sem Djeguede
CEO, Interim

"I found the content in this incubator very helpful, especially for first time CEOs. The templates and spreadsheets included will help entrepreneurs refine key elements of their pitch, while the Pitch Deck Outline will help them to tell a compelling story - something we spend a lot of time working with CEOs/Founders on. As an individual frequently pitched by founders, I also appreciated the hints on pitching to investors and email template provided."

Regina Leung
Executive Director, Bay Angels

"I highly recommend this program - well worth the investment. The best part was the time I had with Mike and Lauren gathering personalized feedback on our pitch. That solidified the whole program for me. The VC Database, Cap Table spreadsheet, and tips on contacting VCs were great bonuses as well. Our pitch was all over the place before we did the program, More Than A Pitch Deck helped us perfect our pitch deck and my team is more confident as a result."

Charlie Zaffuto
Managing Member, ClearVest Advisers, LLC.

"This program has taught me how to approach investors with a very concise roadmap and vision. Overall, the program is incredibly helpful and a great mentorship. It covers each and every single problem that startup founders go through on day to day basis."

Abdul Kabeer
CEO, Petmire Inc.

The More Than a Pitch Deck Team

This virtual incubator accepts startups of any vertical and helps them accelerate their path to VC funding by guiding them step-by-step through the process for building a company that is attractive to investors. It includes personalized feedback on your business and how best to present to investors, as well as a VC Database of over 400 contacts with email addresses at VC firms.

Our Guarantee: Change your mind for any reason in the next 30 days and we’ll refund the full price of admission. No questions asked.

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